4/16/ 2019 PTO Meeting Notes

Introduction and Teacher Grant Update by Jen Gale & Nicole Macalena : Nicole and Jen reviewed the $6000 PTO granted 10 teachers this year along with grant videos from Ms. Sobanski and the new calming room among others. Media Specialist Tim Kennedy offered a great video showcasing the recent author visit with Nancy Carlson March 19th -20th which the PTO help provide.

Principal Update (Dr EB): MCA testing in ongoing. When testing, teachers must remove everything that may be a help to any question at all. Tests are given online and the district sends inspectors to all schools to monitor. The Parent’s Night Out auction raised $1000 to make Dr. EB wear wacky hair, makeup and PJs which she will do on 4/26.Thank you to all the guests who contributed. The new running track at Meadowbrook will be completed by July 1st! It will be a 1/8th mile track and will begin construction the week after school ends. With the weather changing, kids are bringing lots of clothing to school. Please put your child’s name in every item so it can be returned to them. 38 days left of school!

STARBASE: 4th Grade Teachers – Stephanie Bell, Kelli Heeter, Kim Mach, Tammy Treiber, Kelley White & student teacher Claire Fischer: The Hopkins School District implements a lottery for 4 th or 5th grades from all schools to participate. This year Meadowbrook Elementary’s 4th graders were invited to participate.

STARBASE inspires creativity and hands-on learning with features you won’t find in any other classroom – in a location next to the Air National Guard base. Powerful activities like rocket launches and 3D design let students engage with content in interactive ways, find new interests and access the world of STEM like never before during a 5 day program.

All students got to create their own call sign when the program began which they used throughout the week in activities.

DAY 1 – The students learn about flight of a rocket using 2 fin vs. 3 fin rocket launchers. They explore meteorology based on a scheduled launch time and begin gathering data and journaling their findings through experimenting.

DAY 2 – They design their own safe journey through space testing different materials and simulating different challenges faced in space. They also learned about the dangers of living on Mars and worked through a project to build their own space station and space suits for travel. They also experimented with different conductors and insulators of heat.

DAY 3 – They learned about different STEM Careers involving Earth and the mission to Mars such as robot programmer, chemist, engineers exploring magnetism and more options through computer science. The students got to view an VR experience of a rocket launch and program a rock rover to collect rocks using magnetism. They learned about magnetic fields on Mars and rock analysis. They also prepared their rockets for launch.

DAY 4 – The students got to launch their rockets! Dr. EB was their to see the spectacle and view the class’ progress. The students tested protoypes and used GPS coordinates to locate their rockets post launch. They also analyzed their launch data together. They got to use CAD software to continue their designs of their space stations as well as try out Mars land rovers in a simulator over different rocks and terrain.

DAY 5 – The students learned how mass can affect distance of travel with a heavy vs. light rocket. They learned about how to keep spacemen safe as well as different simulations used to prepare astronauts for space. All the kids felt like they were at camp and really showed growth in their STEM skills. On the final day there was a closing ceremony with photos. A thank you video from the students was shown.

While the experience is free, Meadowbrook PTO pays for all busing for the entire week – thank you PTO!

Plant Sale: Allison Buttress: Profits are projected at just over $5K for this year. On May 11th, plants will be ready for pick up 2-4pm and leftovers will be for sale 4-5pm. UMN Master gardener will be on hand to offer advice and answer questions. She is still seeking volunteers so please consider a shift! We do have a new chair who has stepped up for next year – Margie Peterson and Sarah Jackson. We thanked Allison for her amazing contribution to Plant Sale for many, many years.

May 4th Grounds Cleanup Carrie Schmitz: invites parents, kids and neighbors to join her May 4th for the Spring Grounds Cleanup for the playground and school garden. See Signup genius in weekly email from Dr. EB coming soon!

New PTO Event Vote: Jen Gale & Yung Lu: Motion was presented to confirm a new Fall Event for Meadowbrook PTO to be a celebration of the new track and fundraiser. Idea was proposed to have the event replace the donation drive which offers $10K annually in revenue for the PTO. The PTOEB is exploring different vendors to organize a sponsorship of kids running laps to raise money for PTO. The 2 vendors being considered are a national, for-profit company that assists with fundraisers and a local non-profit company who organizes Fun Run Brews in the city. The goal is to create more involvement from extended family members and more families. The current annual donation drive participation is approximately only 20% of the student population. PTOEB is considering scheduling the event during first weeks of school as a kickoff to the year.

Motion was questioned regarding the risk of replacing the donation drive in full with this event. Discussion occurred with group motioning to keep the donation drive mechanism in place while focusing on new event for participation and increase in revenue.

Motion passed to move forward with exploring options and selecting vendor for new Fall Event.

Elections announced for next PTO meeting – Jen Gale: PTO candidates will be nominated and voted on at next PTO meeting

Budget Vote: Jen Gale & Jon Speake: Budget review was distributed. 2019-2020 Budget will be voted on at next PTO meeting.

Meeting Adjourned

Meeting Attendees:

Dr. Greta Evans-Becker
Kara Sherman
Nicole Macalena
Jen Gale
Natalie Lu
Yung Lu
Carrie Schmitz
Anne Guiral
Erin Plasch
Kelley Green
Maria Matreeneo
Miki Myer-Johnson
Beth Dutcher
Dave Dutcher
Stephanie Ajuwon
Margie Waechter
Sarah Mercer
Allison Buttress
Jon Speake
Stephanie Bell
Kelli Heeter
Kim Mach
Tammy Treiber
Kelley White
Claire Fischer

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